Although refrigerators are a staple appliance for households, homeowners typically tend to take them for granted until they start malfunctioning. However, acting after the fridge has broken down will typically lead to expensive repairs of the components or having to replace the unit altogether. The best way to ensure that your fridge stays in good working condition is to look for any warning signs of wear and tear. Here are some of the indications that you may need refrigeration repairs.


Sweating refers to the condensation that may appear in the interior of the fridge. If you notice water droplets on the walls of the fridge or its compartments, then chances are there is some sealing that has come loose along the fridge's door. This leads to warm air getting into the fridge, which becomes condensed with the cool air in the appliance. If you notice sweating on your fridge, it is best to seek out the services of fridge repairmen who can determine where the seal has come loose and repair it before the problem becomes exacerbated.

Food that spoils before its expiry date

The main aim of the fridge is to keep your food in edible condition for a suitable duration of time. If you find that the food you are storing is spoiling at a faster rate than normal, chances are there is something faulty with the fridge. The most common culprit for this is when the fridge is not maintaining the low temperatures required to keep food fresh. The cause of this could stem from a malfunctioning compressor or perhaps the refrigerant required to maintain low temperatures is leaking. Professional technicians will repair or replace the compressor and ensure that the refrigerant is refilled.

Noises emanating from the fridge

Generally, as fridges are in operation they will emit a low buzzing sound from time to time. This is normal and indicates that your fridge is working as it should be. However, if you begin to notice other noises such as banging or perhaps consistent humming, then chances are there is something not right with the refrigerator. Odd noises emanating from the fridge could indicate one of the internal components has come loose, there could be an obstruction in the cooling fan, or perhaps a component is malfunctioning. It is pertinent to hire the services of technicians to establish the cause of the noises and fix the problem before it becomes aggravated.